Fire door installations for apartment blocks

Initial inspection

When carrying out an initial inspection, servicing and maintenance visit covering all fire safety systems and measures for 24 apartment blocks in London, we made the client aware of an issue with a corridor in one of the blocks.

All six floors above had a cross corridor fire door halfway along a long corridor connecting two stairwell cores. Not an issue regarding travel distance under Building Regulations but there were two separate smoke control systems at each end of the corridors, one natural and one mechanical.

So quite important that a dividing fire door was in place!

New FD30 Fire Door

A site meeting with a local Fire Safety Inspecting Officer confirmed our findings and advice so a new FD30s door set was quickly ordered and installed by our Passive Fire engineers.

Its important to have a premises fire strategy drawing and document, and in this instance on being provided the information by the client the door was in fact missing from the drawings.

So this is how the situation had remained for 9 years until our initial take over service.

Training and Experience

At RES we have well trained and experienced engineers who will go that extra mile to help ensure premises are safe and compliant.

Lobby doors

After a Fire Safety Inspecting Officers visit to two residential blocks in Canary Wharf, London we were contacted by the officer to discuss missing lobby doors.

Both blocks had been like it for 7 years since construction so with no confirmation being available why two blocks out of 7 did not have ground floor lobby doors, we agreed with the client to install them.

Right: One block had a new FD30 door set installed to match the existing doors by our engineers.

Below: The other block also had a new FD30 door set installed to match the existing doors but also glazed partitioning by our engineers.