Automatic Opening Vents for Princes Court London

The Challenge

Our longstanding customer Sandrove Brahams and Associates Ltd manage a prestigious ten storey apartment block in Knightsbridge, London. Originally built as a hospital it was then converted into flats and commercial shops.

On reviewing the premises Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Safety Officer Inspections, it was identified that using AOV’s (automatic opening vents) was a viable solution on the secondary stairwells at the premises to assist the residents escape in the event of a fire.

Our Solution

RES provided a cost effective solution for our customer to replace existing window placements at the top of two secondary stairwells in the east and west wings which would be fitted with AOV actuators with control panels linked to the buildings fire detection and alarm system.

If smoke is detected in the east or west stairwells this will trigger the windows to open allowing the smoke to naturally vent from the stairwells.

How the solution works

In the event of a fire, smoke detectors located in the escape stairwells activate the smoke ventilation systems including automatic opening vents (AOVs), which in this instance are windows located at the top of each stairwell.

• A natural flow of air enters the building
• Hot air and smoke are forced out of the building
• A safe means of escape is created


The RES install team successfully designed, installed and commissioned the new smoke ventilation system in the premises in accordance with UK building regulations, on time and on budget.

The system will now help reduce the risk of smoke inhalation for escape and access routes, improve access to the fire service and also reduce the risk of a fire spreading.


“RES have provided a cost effective and viable solution to assist residents in the event of a fire”


Princes Court AOV in action