Fire Plans

Are you looking for fire plan services? Do you require a fire plan for your business that meets the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005? Or a fire risk assessment?At RES Fire Protection Engineers, we can create a variety of fire evacuation and procedure plans that suit the needs of your business while complying with current legislation.

Fire plan services we offer include:

  • Fire Escape Plans
  • Fire Equipment Plans
  • Fire Alarm Zone Plans
  • Fire Compartmentation Plans
  • Occupancy Assessment Plans

We can provide you with a diagram of the fire equipment and firefighting devices in your premises. This diagram is a map that highlights locations of fire alarms, fire detectors, call points, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, emergency lighting and test switches. This map is essential information for use in an emergency, as well as in the case of servicing fire equipment.

The importance of a fire plan

A fire is a great risk for businesses and people, and can start from anything such as a discarded cigarette, faulty electrical equipment or negligence when cooking in a kitchen. A fire safety plan can help you to keep your employees and equipment within your business premises safe. A fire safety plan is a detailed document that covers all aspects of fire safety for your premises. An effective fire plan will state specific maintenance that needs to be carried out to prevent fires, methods to minimise fire damage, details of emergency and evacuation procedures, how fire drills are conducted and their frequency, and maintenance procedures for fire protection systems.

A fire plan will also detail the layout of a premises, points of entry and exit, escape routes, fire doors, fire alarm system, emergency lights, portable fire equipment, and sprinkler systems plus any equipment provided for fire fighters. There are various types of fire plan, which are listed below:

Fire evacuation and procedure plans

This type of fire plan is produced in an A3 format and is specifically made to suit the safety strategy of your building. It typically covers the building’s fire procedure on one side, and supporting information on the other. Points of evacuation are detailed, as well as a plan of the assembly point.

Fire escape plans

Fire escape plans play a vital role in keeping occupants in your building safe. Installing a fire escape plan gives occupants essential information that they need prior to an emergency, so that they know what to do and how to safely leave the building should an emergency happen.

Fire alarm zone plans

This type of fire plan is split into different zones to help locate the source of a fire, or to identify where it is currently located and spreading to. This resource is helpful in noting false alarms and any fire alarm system faults.

Fire compartmentation plans

This type of plan is essential for maintaining and preserving a building’s fire protection measures such as solid compartment walls, fire-related walls and fire doors.

In order to keep the occupants of a building safe, it is important that a building has the proper fire stopping methods installed to prevent fire from spreading and causing damage to life and property. Every building layout is different, therefore every fire plan will be different. At RES Fire Protection Engineers, we can create a fire plan that is completely bespoke to your premises and that meets current fire safety legislation.