The term ‘fire hazard’ has two important components – the first is the possible instance of a fire occurring, and the second relates to the consequences and effects of a fire if it happens. It is always important to consider the environment and equipment stored in a place of work to ensure that there are no combustible substances that are present in a manner that could ignite and cause a fire to spread.

What is a fire hazard?

For example, if flammable liquids are in storage in a building, there is a high risk of a ‘fire hazard’ due to the liquids being flammable and potentially exacerbating the spread of a fire in their combustibility. In another example, a workshop may have equipment that could cause a fire, but this fire could potentially be contained if there are no other flammable items or liquids present, ensuring that the fire does not spread to other areas of a building. Many risks can be reduced to low levels with careful storage and good housekeeping.

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