What should you use a water fire extinguisher for?

A water fire extinguisher should be used on textile fires, as well as fires caused by burning paper or wood materials. They are also suitable for any other ‘Class A’ graded fires. A water fire extinguisher is ideal for cooling down fires while extinguishing them. In the case of fires caused by burning textiles, the liquid water saturates the fabric to extinguish the flames. Because they do not contain any harsh chemicals, water fire extinguishers are ideal for children’s play areas, food-preparation areas and in areas where there may be vulnerable people. They are also environmentally friendly. Many businesses choose water fire extinguishers because they are easy to refill and cost-effective. That said, a large quantity of water fire extinguishers is needed to cover larger areas, as the water is very quickly used up within a single water fire extinguisher. Sizes available include capacities of 3 litres, 6 litres and 9 litres.

If you intend to use a water fire extinguisher to fight fires caused by electrical equipment, extinguishers with special chemicals inside them are available to prevent current flow and to ensure safe application without electrocution. Water fire extinguishers work well with CO2 extinguishers, and are suitable for home use.   

What does a water fire extinguisher look like?

Water fire extinguishers are red in colour and match the body of the extinguisher. They usually have ‘water extinguisher’ marked on them. At RES Fire Protection Engineers, we always recommend installing signs next to your fire extinguishers to clearly indicate their purpose and nature.

Limitations of water fire extinguishers

Never use water fire extinguishers for the following types of fire:

  • Electrical fires (unless they have special chemicals inside to prevent electrocution)
  • Cooking related fires (such as a chip-pan fire).
  • Fires involving gasses such as methane
  • Fires involving highly flammable substances such as petrol or alcohol

How to use a water fire extinguisher

Water fire extinguishers are very simple and safe to use. Remove the safety pin to break the seal on the extinguisher, before pointing the nozzle at the base of the fire and spraying by squeezing the handle. Ensure that the fire is properly extinguished (keep spraying if you are unsure).

Water fire extinguisher purchase and hire from RES

If you require water fire extinguishers for your business, we can meet your requirements at RES Fire Protection Engineers. Our water fire extinguishers adhere to European Standard EN3, with a five year guarantee. We offer discounts for large quantity orders, and hire services for up to six months if you do not want to purchase an extinguisher. We can also refill and maintain your water fire extinguishers, either filling them at our premises or using our mobile vans.

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