The Advance of Wireless Fire Detection - Part 2

The EMS FireCell Solution

EMS FireCell is a “comprehensive analogue addressable fire detection solution with a set of features that make it one of the most advanced fire detection systems available – all without the need for cable.”

EMS has a number wireless / hybrid solutions available that can be used for almost any application.

All solutions are full EN54-25 third party approved products.

Fully Scalable

EMS FireCell is fully scalable from standalone smaller single loop systems through to multi building networks.

It’s “Hub” and “Cluster” infrastructure enables Firecell to be used as a 100% wireless system or as part of a hybrid system.

Control Panel

At the heart of the EMS FireCell Solution is the Taktis Control Panel which features a 7” colour touch screen which provides a powerful yet easy to understand interface.

The Taktis Control Panel enables complex configurations to be setup as well as diagnostic functions to be performed.

Taktis Fire Control panels can be upgraded from 2 to 8 loops, accommodating 126 FireCell wireless devices.

Additional surface mounted repeater panels are also available which can be added around your premises.

Other EMS Fire Control panels are also available in the FireCell range, such as the Syncro AS Control Panel.

Wireless Devices

A complete range EMS Wireless devices are available to complement the solution such as wireless Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Sounders, Beacons, Call Points, Door Controllers, Radio Hubs and Repeater Panels.

The EMS FireCell Solution is ideal for all customer applications, offering flexibility, reliability – all at a competitive price point.

RES Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Installations

RES have now successfully installed a number of EMS FireCell solutions using the Syncro AS Panel at various customer sites such as at a Health Clinic and a Residential Apartment block.

Please see our case studies for delivered EMS FireCell Installs:
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