Wayfinding Signage for High Rise Residential Buildings

The Challenge

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 (made under Article 24 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) made it a legal requirement from 23 January 2023 for all high-rise residential buildings* in England to install Wayfinding Signage in their buildings.

This includes clear markings identifying floor and individual flat numbers.

*As defined by The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 as a building at least 18 metres in height or at least seven storeys.

Responsible persons may wish to consider installing such signage in any other existing multi-occupied residential buildings and it is a legal requirement for all new multi-occupied residential buildings above 11 metres (including those existing buildings undergoing relevant material alterations), to have signage installed.

Existing duties under the Fire Safety Order will make sure that this signage is maintained throughout the life of the building.

As a supplier and installer of fire safety signage RES have been auditing two premises who knew they were going to fall under the new regulations and also by premises responsible persons who want to ensure that they are doing as much as possible regarding fire safety in their premises.

Our Solution

Following on from the audits, RES followed up with signage recommendations and a quotation to install the correct signage for the premises.

One such premises was a prestigious apartment block in Knightsbridge, London where both high-quality finish brass effect signs were installed in the reception and on the main stairwell with Jalite photoluminescent signage being installed on both secondary escape stairwells, lower ground floor as well as parking areas.

Photoluminescent signage is advisable as The Grenfell Tower Inquiry recommended that in all high-rise buildings “floor numbers be clearly marked on each landing within the stairways and in a prominent place in all lobbies in such a way as to be visible both in normal conditions and in low lighting or smoky conditions”. As in the event of a fire, photoluminescent signs will assist the Fire and Rescue Service in navigating their way round a building; even when visibility is low.

Alternatively, if an alternative type of signage is required to fit in with an existing fire safety signage system, RES can supply and install them for you and it is recommended that a ‘black out’ test is carried out on communal lighting to ensure all fire safety signage and equipment can clearly be seen under the installed emergency lighting system.

The Result

Our customer premises’ wayfinding signage now complies with the Fire Safety
Regulations, giving peace of mind to the Responsible Persons and residents alike.

For further details on fire safety signage audits and maintenance or to ensure your premise emergency lighting is fit for purpose please call RES on 0800 731 0727

For HM Government Wayfinding Regulations goto:

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