Intelligent Hybrid Fire Detection & Alarm System for School.

Customer Requirement:

Our customer had acquired a victorian property which needed to be converted from a residential premises to an educational facility. RES were asked to propose the design of a suitable fire alarm solution. Being of listed status, the solution needed to be in harmony with the heritage of this building, with its thick walls, high ceilings and complex layout.

The Solution

Our Technical Director Jon Toomey specified that a hybrid fire detection and alarm system be installed. This would comprise of a wired part of the system in the basement area, linked to a wireless part of the system throughout the remainder of the property where the heritage needed to be retained.

An Advanced Go fire alarm control panel was selected, which would be linked to the wired devices directly, and the wireless parts of the system via translator modules. A Hyfire Taurus wireless solution was chosen for it’s ease of design, installation and setup.

There are many benefits of using wireless fire alarm solution over a conventional wired solution such as scalability, cost effectiveness, ease of installation and eliminating the need for installing complex cable networks throughout a building.

The Hyfire solution offers powerful new TauREX software which is used to virtually setup and configure the fire alarm system using drag and drop functionality – reducing the time needed to commission the system on site and ensuring overall system performance and reliability.

The installation was supported by a Hyfire representative who was on site and able to provide backup assistance and guidance during the works.

The Result

Over one hundred devices were successfully installed to plan around the property including call points (with safety covers), smoke detectors, heat detectors and sounders, thus ensuring the safety of staff, students and parents whilst on the premises.

The entire system was fully tested and certificated by our BAFE registered engineers.

The project was delivered on time and on budget.

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