Fire Extinguisher Equipment for Secondary School Development

Customer requirement

Our customer was transitioning from temporary buildings to new school buildings and asked RES to provide extinguisher sales, installation, servicing and additional fire safety equipment for both the new and old sites.

In September 2016 the school occupied temporary buildings, all of which required fully compliant fire safety measures.

Our solution

RES provided a comprehensive proposal to cover all the necessary fire extinguisher equipment for the new school buildings.

RES also provided an audit of existing fire extinguishers from the temporary buildings so that they could be re-instated on the new site.

The Wren School is now a modern Secondary education establishment catering for over 1000 students.
It comprises of a sports hall and two L shaped buildings containing classrooms, laboratories, offices, restaurant/cafe and a theatre.

In total, over 50 new extinguishers were commissioned around the site as well as fire action signs, extinguisher stands, fire blankets and fire evacuation chairs on the stairwells.

All installation work was carried out in accordance with British Standards – Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises.


RES has provided a competitive, comprehensive and compliant extinguisher equipment service for this new school and will continue to ensure total fire protection is provided by carrying out annual fire extinguisher servicing.

“RES helped us to stay safe whilst the development was underway and then continued to provide excellent service in our new home”

Cary Stubbs, Senior Caretaker, The Wren School