Fire Plans for Fortinet Offices


We were contacted by the office manager of Fortinet asking if we could assist with the production of their fire evacuation plans. They were looking for high quality plans to be displayed within a number of meeting rooms as well as arrival and exit points, also having to take into consideration some entrance and exit alterations.

Our customer is a world leading provider of network, cloud and content security solutions. We serve their modern offices in Reading, UK.


A meeting was set up with the client and various options were discussed such as sign size, styles, designs, and mounts. We came up with some basic ideas with an existing floor plan of the premises which we then provided to our plan designer.

Various examples and mounts were recommended and Fortinet decided to go ahead with a printed plan on an acrylic display with polished edges, set off the wall.


Proofs of the Fire Evacuation Plans were provided to the customer for final approval, a number of minor alterations were made to the proofs during this process, and they were successfully signed off. The order was placed and the design, supply and installation was scheduled with the customer.

Installation was then promptly made around the client offices and the job completed.

RES can provide a range of fire safety related plans for display and building fire document folders which meet the requirements of a premises Fire Risk Assessment as required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.