Fire Door Maintenance and Inspections for Local School

Customer Requirement

The head of estates at Leighton Park School asked RES to provide training in the form of a Powerpoint Presentation and an accompanying Fire Door Maintenance checklist that could be presented to caretakers and maintenance staff so that regular fire door inspections and minor maintenance issues could be addressed in-house.

Leighton Park School is one of the leading day/boarding schools in Berkshire. Situated on a 65 acre site, there are over 20 modern and old buildings which cater for over 470 students comprising of 70% day boarders and 30% full boarders.

Our Solution

RES provided a comprehensive PowerPoint Presentation titled “Inspection & maintenance guide to Fire Doors” that covered the following areas:

• Importance of having compliant fire doors
• The life-saving benefits of fire doors
• Five common fire door faults
• Checking fire doors
• Common terminology
• BS 9999:2017 Annex I Routine fire door inspections and maintenance
• Upgrading fire doors

Our Passive Fire Protection Team are available when required to present the PowerPoint to the caretakers and maintenance staff as well as providing an electronic copy for reference and use internally on site.

The “Fire Door Maintenance Check List” provided can be used by staff to regularly inspect and record all the fire doors at the school. RES can then easily be notified of any issues that require the attention of passive fire protection engineers. (Dowload available in our FREE DOWNLOADS)

Fire-resisting doors

Effective fire-resisting doors are vital to ensure occupants are able to evacuate to a safe place. Correctly specified and installed doors will hold back fire and smoke, preventing escape routes becoming unusable as well as preventing the spread of fire.


Our customer is now able to confidently inspect and maintain the fire doors on their premises, safe in the knowledge that RES are on-hand to address more serious defects such as upgrading doors, replacing doors and door-sets as required.

“Thank you and your team for the amazing effort you have all put in to support and guide us in our efforts to stay compliant.”

Alan Rumney – Head of Estates – Leighton Park School