Fire door and fire stopping inspections.

British Standards

To comply with British Standards, fire door inspection and maintenance checks should be carried out six monthly by a ‘Competent Person’. Minor maintenance issues can then be dealt with during these regular checks and future costly repair, or replacement door works can be avoided.

When carrying out fire door inspections and maintenance we look at the following:

1 Hinges, check for correct hinges used, damaged or leaking
2 Intumescent hinge pads, check condition
3 Intumescent cold smoke and fire seals, condition and fitted correctly
4 Door closer function, condition and functioning correctly
5 Gaps around doors, 2 – 4mm acceptable tolerance
6 General inspection, overall condition
7 Minor maintenance/adjustment

The glazing in fire doors should also be checked to make sure it has compliant fire resistance markings appropriate for the grade of fire door in place.

Intumescent air transfer vent checks

Further inspections are also required to establish fire doors fitted with vents have the correct intumescent air transfer grill fitted.

Fire stopping checks

As well as inspecting fire doors, our engineers are also often called upon to inspect fire stopping, particularly in services riser cupboards located in the communal areas of residential blocks of flats.

Fire stopping issues are then identified and addressed by our passive engineers.

Fire door inspection and maintenance visits

Following on from our engineers six monthly fire door inspection and maintenance visits, issues identified that can not be addressed during the visit are quoted for, such as replacement fire doors, closers, and door furniture.


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