Emergency light servicing for logistics warehouse

The Challenge

RES recently undertook an annual (3 hourly) emergency light service of a large logistics warehouse to BS 5266-1:2016. With over 200 emergency lights on site, covering over 120,000 square ft – ensuring each and every light was serviced was paramount. The site is used by our customer for contract logistics of hi-tech equipment for healthcare, industry and retail.

Our Solution

Using our service management software, Uptick, our BAFE accredited engineer was able to identify each and every light around the premises. The engineer set about disabling the power to the lighting around the premises in sections.  

When the time was right, a visual inspection was carried out on each and every emergency Light, from emergency exit lighting, to internal spot lights and downlights. 

Over 200 emergency lights were checked and any failures were identified whereby the light was no longer illuminated within the three hour time required. 

Using Uptick, remarks were identified against failed items, along with a photo of the device and the corrective action required – which is in most cases involves a replacement device. All the service data is immediately available to Uptick in the cloud. 

Once the emergency light duration test was completed, the power was restored to the lighting around the premises.  

The Result

A service report was generated in Uptick, and sent to the customer from Uptick. The report details all the passed and failed items in a clear, colour coded format. 

A defect quote can be created in Uptick to cover the failed items and sent to the customer for quick approval.  

Once approved, a task can be created for the remedial work, thus resulting in fully functional and compliant emergency lighting. 

RES Fire have BAFE accreditation to SP203-4 Maintenance (servicing) of Emergency Lighting Systems. 

The BAFE Emergency Lighting Systems scheme is evidence that RES Fire are competent to deliver maintenance services for customer emergency lighting systems. On going assessments by BSI (certification body) will ensure RES Fire engineers continue to comply to the BAFE SP203-4 scheme requirements.  

BAFE schemes for emergency lighting, fire detection and alarm systems and portable fire. equipment provides customers with complete peace of mind when it comes to their premises life safety systems.