Natural and mechanical ventilation systems

RES Fire Protection Engineers offer help to repair and service/maintain smoke ventilation systems installed within a building. We cover businesses and residential premises across the south of England.

Smoke control/ventilation systems can be divided into natural/passive or mechanical systems.

A natural ventilation system relies on the natural movement of smoke and hot gasses, venting these through an opening. The opening can be a window, vent or a ventilation shaft, these can be permanently open, be manually opened or have an automatic opening mechanism attached to them. Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) can be opened by actuating arms attached to windows, hatches or doors etc and activated by local smoke detectors which automatically open that vent. The AOVs normally have a local manual back up switch/button (a call point) as well. Once opened/activated the vents allow smoke and heat to leave the building/area, offering a safe means of escape for occupants, with greater visibility and access for fire-fighters.

Natural systems also offer normal ventilation and allow a natural flow of air to enter a building.

Mechanical ventilation systems extract heat and smoke from a building by using mechanical means, fans etc and forced air movement. Mechanical ventilation is normally interlinked with the Buildings Management System (BMS) and incorporates a control panel, secondary power supplies, dampeners that operate to blocking smoke from entering a floor where there is no fire, but opening on the fire floor to allow smoke to leave etc.

Mechanical smoke control systems include Smoke Pressurisation Systems (SPS) these are designed to stop smoke circulating by introducing clean air into the stairwells etc. This increases the air pressure in the stairwell and reduces air pressure in other areas to create safe and clear escape route for building occupants as well as a rescue route for firefighters.

Maintenance of these systems has to not only check each element is intact but that each is talking to the main control systems that govern them.

Smoke control/ventilation systems are a requirement of the Building Regulations.

Smoke control/ventilation systems with RES Fire Protection Engineers

Our experienced team of engineers can maintain, repair or replace installed smoke control /ventilation systems within a building, including extraction systems for car parking areas.

We work with systems manufacturers and accredited service and maintenance providers to ensure that smoke control/ventilation systems we work on adhere to current legislation and requirement.

We cover the South of England, London, Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, West & East Sussex.