At RES Fire Protection Engineers, we offer powder and CO2 extinguishers for electrical-based fires. A powder extinguisher can be used on electrical hazards when combustibility is a danger (including applications on engines and machinery). A CO2 extinguisher is ideal for instances where vast amounts of electrical equipment is on fire, i.e. in an office or server room full of computer components.

Powder extinguisher

Powder extinguishers are very versatile and can be used on class A, B and C fires. They can be used on fires involving electrical equipment, but there is a risk that the fire could reignite, as the extinguisher cannot cool the fire down. Powder extinguishers are only suitable for open spaces and should be used in areas where there is plenty of ventilation, as they can create breathing difficulties and loss of visibility (especially in smoke-shrouded locations). They shouldn’t be used indoors unless there is no other option. Powder fire extinguishers are marked with a blue label.    

CO2 carbon dioxide extinguishers

If you need a fire extinguisher for a large space containing great volumes of electrical equipment (such as a server room with lots of computers, or a production line with lots of electrical machinery), the safest choice is a CO2 carbon dioxide extinguisher. This type of extinguisher can be used without leaving a residue (unlike powder and foam extinguishers). A CO2 extinguisher smothers a fire so that it doesn’t receive extra oxygen that can fuel it and cause it to spread. It reduces the supply of air to the fire, and is ideal for application to electrical equipment that is ablaze. CO2 extinguishers are marked with a black label.

RES Fire Protection Engineers offer both powder and CO2 fire extinguisher solutions for environments containing electrical equipment, including the following:

Fire extinguisher purchase and hire

Do you require powder or CO2 fire extinguishers for rooms holding electrical equipment? We can meet your requirements at RES Fire Protection Engineers. Our entire range of fire extinguishers are produced to adhere to European Standard EN3, and all have a five year guarantee. We offer discounts for large quantity orders. We also offer electrical fire extinguisher hire services for up to six months.

Servicing/refilling electrical fire extinguishers

If your electrical fire extinguisher needs maintenance or routine checks, we can service portable fire extinguishers, hose reels, trolley units and fire blankets to ensure that they are suitable for use in line with current legislation and British Standards. All extinguisher services are conducted by BAFE registered technicians. We also have an emergency call-out service, here for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our engineers can also refill your fire extinguishers at either our premises or through our refilling service vans, 5 days a week from 8am-5pm.

Chrome and stainless steel fittings

We offer stainless steel and chrome fittings to indicate action signs, prohibition signs and fire-fighting signs in relation to your fire safety equipment and fire extinguishers. Single or double stands for your extinguishers can also be provided.

Purchase, hire and maintenance of electrical fire extinguishers from RES

Do you require an electrical fire extinguisher for your business so that your staff and premises can be kept safe? We provide a wide range of fire extinguishers for either purchase or hire, and can service and maintain them for you on an ongoing basis. Talk to RES about your business requirements today. We cover the South of England including London, Berkshire, Bracknell, Windsor, Middlesex & Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex & Kent, West & East Sussex, Reading, Maidenhead, Slough, Newbury and the surrounding areas.

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