RES can now provide the following signage:

  • Social Distancing Signs (With 1 metre update)
  • PPE Signs
  • Hand-washing Hygiene Signs
  • Floor Markings
  • One-way system Signs
  • Bio-hazard Signs

“Government guidance recommends”

“Introducing more one-way flow through buildings. Providing floor markings and signage should remind both workers and customers to follow social distancing
wherever possible.

Reducing maximum occupancy for lifts, providing hand sanitiser for the operation of lifts and encouraging use of stairs wherever possible.

Encouraging customers to use hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities as they enter the premises to reduce the risk of transmission by touching products while

Using floor tape to mark areas to help people keep to a 2m distance.

Providing clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to people on arrival, for example, signage and visual aids.”

From the JALITE Catalogue


See the  full catalogue and call us for more information.

Additional 1 metre supplement catalogue is here

All products are provided by Jalite. RES are an authorised distributor of Jalite products.